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    Pedro's Wine Collection - Pennsylvania - Newsletter May 2015



    "Weine aus der Pfalz sind dünn oder sauer, bestenfalls als Schoppen in einer gemütlichen Besenwirt- schaft geeignet." Wer diesem Vorurteil immer noch anhängt, sollte den folgenden Artikel unbedingt le- sen und sich anschließend auf Entdeckungsreise begeben!

    “I Vini d'Italia 2013” wine guide
    Our wines have been reviewed with good ratings by the professional wine guide "I Vini d'Italia".

    A Star is Born: Stefania Mezzetti

    Tuoro sul Trasimeno is in Umbria but just meters from the Tuscan borders and is famous for being the site of Hannibal's victory over the Romans ... ...

    Gambero Rosso “ Bere Bene Low Cost 2010”

    Stefania’s wines as been selected by Gambero Rosso and published in BERE BENE LOW COST 2010.

    "Annuario dei migliori Vini italiani" by Luca Maroni

    Our wines were selected among the best of Italy and published in the' Directory of the best Italian wines 2010 by Luca Maroni, a leading guide for the wine industry.

    La nostra azienda al Vinitaly 2008 L'Azienda agricola mezzetti al Vinitaly L'Azienda agricola mezzetti al Vinitaly

    “About Dardano- DOC CORTONA SANGIOVESE 2005”

    The wine was certainly good, no major flaws or off tastes as a result of the winemaking. On that level alone, it is certainly a quality wine that can succeed in the marketplace. The first thing that struck me about the flavors is how different it is than what I was expecting. When you see Sangiovese from Tuscany, you expect something Chianti-like. This wine was a bit more aggressive than Chianti with a more plump fruit profile and a rustic earthiness. This doesn’t make it a bad wine, it just makes for a surprising tasting experience.

    On the palate, it is plump and full-bodied with big fruit that isn’t subtle but certainly pleasant. I liked the rich, dark red berry flavors and the bit of brambly edge that indicate good, ripe fruit and a sense of terroir. One of the staff members here described it as “clumsy,” as if the different flavor components weren’t in synch. I think we were both describing the same thing—a wine that is in its early maturity from a new winery. I expect the wine to develop over short term cellaring and more importantly, I think that the winemaking will improve with each successive vintage. The overall impression is a wine that is somewhat rustic and raw, a style that transcends the modern trend towards international styles and homogeneity. It seems happy with what it is instead of trying to be something else (Chianti).

    On the 100 point scale, I would give it a solid 89. With a little more refinement and balance, it could easily breach the 90 point mark.

    From a marketing point of view, the style of the wine matches the labeling. Instead of mimicking the classic Tuscan style label, the runes and Cyrillic design on the label lets the buyer know that they aren’t getting just another Chianti. It gives the impression of something with more ancient influences which matches what I tasted. When pitching the wine to importers, I would emphasize this differentiation as it might be easier than competing against all the more familiar styles from Tuscany.


    La manifestazione con circa 50 cantine umbre presenti, voluta e organizzata dall'AIS, ha riscontrato un buon indice di successo con tanti visitatori accorsi per degustare i prodotti tipici dell'agricoltura vinicola umbra.

    Umbria Wine Festival - Perugia, Rocca Paolina

    “ - The Internet wine network”

    Umbria Wine Festival - Perugia, Rocca Paolina
    with our review on about Annibale, Annibale 217 and Dardano.

    "Stefania ospite d'onore alla serata Vip di presentazione del Vino Volley Toggemburg"

    Una etichetta personalizzata per il nostro "217" che è stato scelto dalla squadra per la vendita in Svizzera in edizione limitata presso il nostro distributore Top Vinum"

    Umbria Wine Festival - Perugia, Rocca Paolina


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